Stacey Abel • Creative Strategist
Cross-Pollinating Ideas Expand Your Possibilities.

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• Project Development and Producer

• Public Relations and Communications

• Public Policy and Nonprofit Advisor 


I am a Creative Strategist, Writer and Producer. I get shit done. I do this by being an Idea, People, and Dot Connector – helping individuals and organizations innovate and collaborate in order to bring great things to fruition.

I was raised to believe that we can all make a difference in making the world a better place, so I made a conscious choice to have minimal separation between my personal passions and where I focus my professional energy.  With over twenty years experience in a myriad of creative, public policy, and non-profit settings, I have the collective know-how to strategize across multiple domains.  Whether it’s:

  • Transforming vision and ideas into goals and reality
  • Conveying core values, mission, and brand identity to key stakeholders and audiences
  • Forging bold, new, and creative collaborations

…I help move people and organizations to a whole new level.  If you’re ready to go to the next level, call or email.

 Contact:       512.587.6639