Stacey Abel
Storytelling with a Mission

creative  strategist  •  writer  •  producer

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I am a storyteller.  I  help individuals and organizations identify and convey powerful stories in order to raise awareness and create meaningful change.

With over twenty-five years of experience in private, public policy and nonprofit arenas, I connect dots and strategize across multiple realms. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to engage my passion for public policy through my work as Chief of Staff in The Texas Senate; Policy Liaison for the Texas Environmental Defense Fund; Executive Director of Community Investment Corporation; and many consulting projects and leadership positions on nonprofit boards. Through it all, I began to notice the importance of storytelling as a key tool for success in any cause. Moreover, after witnessing some profound failures in this regard, due to a basic inability to convert evidence into real-life stories, I decided to work with individuals and organizations to bring these stories to light.

Whether working on a documentary, a grassroots effort, or a fundraising objective, I’ve learned that while data is important –  stories are what move the needle.  They can wake you up to the perils of climate change and the promise of renewable energy; the tragedy of throw-away lives and the triumph of communities coming together to address the needs of their most vulnerable members. Humans are wired for story. Whether telling tales around the firelight to spreading the word through social media with the click of a button, stories have the power to change minds and save lives.

What’s your story?

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