Stacey Abel
Storytelling with a Mission


STORY.     Everything begins with this.  What is the problem?   What’s at stake?  Who or what is being affected? What needs to be done?  What conditions or opportunities exist right now that can help lead to success?  Who are the players?  What will happen if you don’t succeed?  What will be the benefits if you do?

VALUES.   What are yours?  How does this issue dovetail with them?  More importantly, what are the values of the person or organization whose support you’re trying to win?  What’s in it for them?  Are you plugging into why they would want to invest in your cause?  Talk to people for their reasons.

PROGRAM.   Do you have a sound strategy, with steps and measurable achievements toward your goal that can be easily conveyed?  Be sure to provide a clear vision of what success looks like.

COLLABORATION.  Who are your collaborators – other key stakeholders who support your cause?  Buy-in from others is one of the most important indications to decision-makers about whether your endeavor will result in success and is worth their effort.

RESOURCES.  In today’s world, there is great competition for limited time, energy, and resources. Have you asked others not only to become involved – but to reach out to their own circle of friends and associates?  Remember: key support can come in many forms. Don’t just ask for money:  ask for connections; resources; and in-kind donations.

COMMUNITY.  Ultimately, you want to build a sense of community around your cause. There’s no greater gift than helping people feel that they’ve become a meaningful catalyst for positive change in the world.

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